Friday, July 25, 2008

Randy Pausch passes away

I just learned that Randy Pausch passed away this morning of complications due to pancreatic cancer. Like anyone who has watched and been amazed by his undeterred spirits, clear thoughts and a great sense of humor in his "last lecture" video would agree , it takes a lot more than courage, strength and focus to celebrate life the way he did, after learning his days on earth were numbered. I don't know whether mourning for his death is the right thing to do to a man who chose to inspire millions of people after learning about his death sentence. I do feel sad, no doubt-but as someone who lost my mom at a very young age, it's not death itself that threatens me (People who go through the pain of losing a parent at a very young age and has dealt with many tragedies in life will agree with me). It's the reminder of the inevitable pain and the gaping void that's caused in loved ones left behind brings me immense sorrow.

For those who haven't already done so, please do watch this video. If after watching you feel that your views on life and death has changed, even a tiny bit, you have honored his great spirits!