Monday, March 17, 2008

I've got mail!

A couple of weeks back, I received mail, real mail, in a paper, written with love and the best part is, the sender of the mail delivered it too! It felt nice, to receive a physical mail that is. As I took it in my hand, I wondered - the last few times I received real mails were about a couple of decades ago and the senders of those mails will never write to me again. How can I be so sure? One of the senders - my beloved cousin, sadly is no more and the other one is from the person I chose to marry!

The sender of the letter, rolled it nicely put a beautiful seal on it, delivered it to me and said, "look mommy, I've got you an email!". This is my 3 year old girl TJ! I thanked her and opened it to find this!

My happiness multiplied instantly because, this is the first sentence my little girl ever wrote and she did it all by herself! And do I need to tell you that these are the nicest few words a mom can get from her child whether the child is just 3 or 33?! And she had drawn some pictures too! Her inspiration to draw and write comes from her big sister TL who's 6 years old, also a great artist (at least for me) and this one has now graduated to creating comic strips and incredible-looking crafts, she's capable of converting even junk into masterpieces! I always find her creating artwork for someone - one doesn't have to do anything big to receive one of her masterpieces, a few nice words or a kind gesture would do the trick!

Here's another picture drawn by TJ, she says it's her daddy and he's an explorer - needless to mention, she got that from her favorite TV show!

My little girl TJ these days, is in her attempts to hone her skills in drawing pictures of 3D objects of her favorite little toys. I adore their creativity and the little things they do to keep their loved ones smiling!