Tuesday, June 19, 2012

It's Gr8 to be 8!

My youngest turned 8 today, I can't believe how time flew!  She is so smart and considerate, she is extremely talented and such a low maintenance kid and every single day I wonder what I did to deserve her!  I wish her the very best!

I made this cake for her, actually my 11 year old daughter and I made this, she made all the cake toppers and helped me with rolling the fondant and piping the flowers, some talent that kid has!  The birthday girl herself made the two little chicks.  We all had a gr8 time making this.  


Friday, June 8, 2012

My first fondant cake

Fondant Cake

Not everything went as planned and thought this one turned out just okay, but, this is only the second week of the course and this is the very first time I'm trying my hand at fondant.  Also the cake itself tasted amazing and the kids liked it a lot.  If they are happy I'm happy!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

She is good, isn't she!

This is TJ's latest drawing, she is 7 now and is so good at it (as always)!

Friday, May 25, 2012

I could have never done this 8 weeks ago!

Basket weave cake

Yesterday was the last day of Wilton's cake decorating classes course 2.  I learned to make the basket weave design with butter cream icing and I put together this cake with the royal icing flowers I had learned to make in the previous 3 classes.  I like the way this turned out!


Monday, May 7, 2012

A yellow ombre birthday cake for the sunshine of my life!

My little girl turned 11 today!  I was determined to make a cake and I thought I can woo her with my newly acquired cake decorating skills form the Wilton cake decorating basics course.  I have been baking all my kids birthday cakes for many years now, but I did not pride myself as a blogworthy cake decorator.

After pondering for more than a week I was still undecided on the cake design which is when I saw this beauty. There are more amazing versions of the same themed cake here, here, and here.  Wow, isn't it?

Well I had to make my own version of this, of course my daughter is not a fan of pink so I had to pick from one of her favorite colors, that's when I decided on yellow, what better way to celebrate someone who brightens my day everyday!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Past, present and future!

2010 was wonderful, never once have I felt this way about a year or a time period in my life! This could possibly mean only one thing - I've taken control of my life (finally) for the first time this past year and I look foward to the future with hope and even a little smile in my face ! I cannot possibly put in words how I feel as I write this, all I can say is I've come a long way, treaded treacherous path, not only with little or no help but also with numerous obstacles with each and every stumbling step I took alone!

But that's then! Three special people make my life wonderful now - every single day! I want their lives be as happy as happy can get! If present is any indication of future their lives will indeed be wonderful! All my 3 kids are big kids now (is 6 really big? my last kid wants me to believe it is!). They are considerate, compassionate and smart. They all now know what they are good at, developed some interests along the way and know what not to do so they won't jeopardize their health or anything good that might come their way for that matter! Even in my absence (or should I say especially in my absence!) they have consistently made good choices/followed rules - pick something healthy to eat, goodies are okay in moderation (read moderation = once in a week), never spend too much time in the PC/TV/Video Games. They are very kind to their peers but they are not naive either, don't control and don't let anyone control is the mantra in this household.

My middle daughter has loved her baby sister since the day she was born and my love for the baby, I'm afraid, fell way too short when compared to the love she gave to the newborn and she was all of 3!

My son who was less than 3 when my first daughter was born, who had never left my side until that time, started sleeping by himself and I don't remember him asking for me ever since. He will wait for me patiently until I wake up for breakfast and on many days that would be well past 10:30 a.m. He has always been my trusted babysitter and he has taken good care of his sisters since then. He was always there for me whenever I needed to put my head down for half an hour or so to regain my strength from exhaustion or a hammering migraine which were quite frequent mostly due to sleep deprivation and no time for self-care of any kind.

Last week I had to take my 6 year old on a long road trip, she was not well, her tiny body shaking as she was throwing up in a plastic bag and cleaning up after herself every time, without even a tiny bit of whining or complaining, as I helplessly watched in the rearview mirror- my heart just melted! How can a 6 year old possibly have this kind of will power and patience?!

When someone this young can think beyond their age, can analyze the situation in a manner above their life's experiences would enable them to do so, isn't it time I start counting my blessings? I feel I'm the luckiest mom on earth, for starters - a mom who has been motherless for such a long time I'm still not sure about my mothering skills!

Now I wonder, what will I be without my kids?

In 3 days is my mom's 27th death anniversary, I have always encountered this day which such fear and sadness so much that it takes a toll on my physical and emotional health. I want to change this from now on. This doesn't mean that it stopped hurting or I'm not craving for her anymore, I have come to accept that I'll never find closure - for my mom's abrupt loss and hundreds of other things that happened in my life and more than that in her life that should never happen to any human being, yes life was a bit too unfair for us. But all I want to do now is to be good to and take care of myself and be there for my kids for the sake of my mom, yes for the sake of my mom who I've replaced a little bit prematurely!

Happy New Year!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

From the babe's mouth!

It's been a while, what have I been doing, nothing worth mentioning here!

Let me get into the groove and back to blogging with this

ABC Baby Music Codes

this is my little girl TJ!